The development of text messaging applications is necessary for today’s world. On top of all messenger, App is the WhatsApp app that we all are aware of. But WhatsApp has some limited features though it is one of the most secured text messaging software applications. Owing to the lack of some fun features people are attracted to the mods of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp mod?

WhatsApp mod is nothing but the modification of the original WhatsApp. There are some more features added to these types of WhatsApp but these are not provided by the original WhatsApp provider. WhatsApp mods have advanced features that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp. They have added some features like hiding online and typing status, hiding audio recording status, disabling blue tick and also double click, and many more. In mod WhatsApp, there are unlimited themes that are very attractive to use.

Is using WhatsApp mod safe?

Some of the WhatsApp mods Applications are easily available in the play store which is safe to download and install on your Android 4.0 and above. Though they haven’t the privacy policy exactly like the original WhatsApp. But the fact that to date these Apps are not getting banned means there is no privacy issue in using WhatsApp mods.

How to install WhatsApp mods?

To download and install WhatsApp mods on your Android you need to allow them access to the third-party software installed on your smartphone. But rooting your phone is not required here to install any WhatsApp mods. You can install it like any other normal android app. Some of the WhatsApp mods are available in the play store but some of the apps like GB WhatsApp first need to download it from the actual site and then you have to install it on your phone.

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