Signal Messenger is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to install and create an account on Signal Messenger App.

Signal Messenger has already become the number one app on the App Store in India and has seen over ten million downloads on Google Play Store. Signal Messenger app saw a surge in downloads when WhatsApp’s disreputable terms of service started showing on the user’s notifications. 

Here is a quick step by step guide on how you can download and use the Signal app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Installing Signal app on Android

Firstly, open your Android device and open the Google play store. Next, search for Signal app and tap Install.

Installing Signal app on iPhone

Firstly, open your iPhone and open the Apple app store. Next, search for Signal app and tap Get.

How to create an account on Signal Messenger app

Follow these steps to create your account on the Signal app:

1. Firstly, open the Signal app on your smartphone.

signal app pic

2. Secondly, tap Continue and allow all the necessary permission.

signal t&c

3. Secondly, tap Continue and allow all the necessary permission.

allow t&c

4. After entering the number tap Next. You will receive the verification code.

signal reg

5. You will require to enter a six-digit code that you will receive via SMS.

enter otp

6. Once your number is verified, Set a profile picture and Enter your Name and click Next button..

set url

7. On the next screen the app will ask you to create a security PIN.

security pin

8. Once you create and confirm the Pin you are all ready to use the app.

Now to send someone a message, tap the Pen icon and select contact, a new chat window will appear, type your message, and hit the send button.

What is Signal Profile?

Signal Profile(encrypted) is a name and photo that you set up within the app. If you happen to lose or switch devices, your existing profile can be recovered by using PIN.

Why do we need a Signal Profile?

Profile names helps people know who is messaging them.First names are required, one can use nicknames, single characters, or emojis. Photos and last names are optional.
Profile name is what people will see when you message them if they don’t have you saved in their contact list.

Can anyone see my Signal Profile?

It will be automatically shared with contacts you have saved in your address book,or people/groups in conversations you created or explicitly accepted,and any groups you are added to by someone that you had shared your profile.

Can the Signal servers see my Signal Profile?

The Signal service does not have any knowledge of the name or the image you have set. Your profile information is end-to-end encrypted with a unique profile key that is securely shared via the Signal Protocol messaging channel that already protects your conversations and calls.

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