How to know if your WhatsApp account has been hacked & how to fix it

Social media platforms hacking is not a big deal nowadays cause of some Spying apps. It is possible to hack messenger apps even to read one’s conversion and seeing media whatever is sent or received.

There are several different kinds one can do through your privacy and read your personal and professional life. Though it is not everyone’s cup of tea to hack any End-to-end encrypted software any willing person makes their way to get whatever they want.

Like every other messenger app WhatsApp also can be hacked by using some highly-rated Spying apps. One can hack others’ WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp calls too. Using spyware apps like mSpy, spyder, spying offers every possible feature to keep on eye others life through social media apps.

You should be very aware of your privacy. But it is also a matter of how you will get to know if your WhatsApp is monitored.

Some important tips you can be suspicious if there is any app running behind without your consent. Maybe you do not know someday intruder had asked you for your smartphone making an excuse and you had no idea what he did with your phone. You gave him your phone with trust. And in few minutes he was able to install a spy app to spy on your device. But don’t worry if something happened like that then obviously there’s a way to get out of it. There’s always a solution to every problem right.

Moving directly to the tips without wasting your time, if you find your phone temperature is high all of a sudden then there might be a spy app running and you don’t have any idea about it.

If you find your phone’s battery is getting low very fast suddenly even if you are not using mobile data or Wi-Fi, then there’s a possibility that a strong Spyware app is running in the background of your phone.

What to do if your WhatsApp account is hacked?

By disabling WhatsApp web you may prevent your account from further hacking. You just have to open your WhatsApp account on your phone. And on the top right you will get to see three dotted vertically. Here you have to click and tap on the WhatsApp web option, you can see the last used clients. An unrecognizable person is an intruder who has been checking your conversation these days. To stop this, for now, you have to log out of all computers. This may be stop intruders From accessing your device.

Also, using an anti-spyware app on your device may stop hackers from hacking. There are some apps like spyware detector, anti-spy & spyware scanner, anti spy mobile free. These are some free apps you can install on your device and using this you can check whether your device has been hacked or not and if hacked you can fix it through these apps.

Moreover, you need to log in to your WhatsApp account again with your phone number and you will get a six-digit verification code from WhatsApp which leads you automatically into account. Once you log in to your account newly the intruder will not be able to use the same account. The hacker will be logged out instantly from your account.

Prevent your WhatsApp from hacking further

  • Lockup your WhatsApp
  • Do not use any free public Wi-Fi
  • Block installation from unknown sources
  • Mostly important, do not give your device to anyone and if you give make sure what they are doing in your presence.


I have mentioned above about many spyware apps and even anti-spyware apps. I have tried to give you a glimpse of information about how a hacker can hack social media or text messaging apps like WhatsApp. And even how to recover your account from hacking. How a victim can take legal action against a hacker. I hope this article will help you enough.


What is the WhatsApp app?

WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging application that provides many features including the best security services. It is one of the most securely online chatting apps. You can chat with your friends, family members in online mode. It is installable in android and iOS and even you can use it on your PC using your mobile phone’s QR code. There is a feature of audio and video calling anywhere anytime, all you need to have is a good internet connection and a mobile phone in which you can download and install the WhatsApp application.

How is possible to hack the WhatsApp app?

Though WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app so it is not so easy to decrypt anything in this app. Still, there is some method to do such an act which is not easy. Using some messenger Spying app WhatsApp can also be hacked. One intruder may convince you to take your phone for a minute making an excuse of any kind or maybe an intruder is your own friend even and even it’s your family member. The moment you give your phone to them with trust, instantly they can install any spyware app on your phone and keeping on stealth mode of the app they can hide the particular spy app and it will run behind of your phone without your conversant. Then they can check anything on their device that is happing on your WhatsApp. Using Google Chrome one can hack WhatsApp too.

Is it possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp using a Gmail address?

Is it possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp using a Gmail address?

What is the background working of what log or other spy apk for checking last seen online
status of WhatsApp?

If you are anxious to see your friend’s last seen status even if it’s enabled hidden mode. Then yes Whatslog is a third-party app that shows you your desirous requirement of last seen. You have to install any third-party app like what log in your device from the play store or app store and you have to go through what is selectable and need for you. If your need is seeing your friend’s WhatsApp last seen status, then after installing the app click on the WhatsApp option and you have to enter your desired number in which you want to see last seen status. It can show you easily your friend’s WhatsApp last seen status and they will not know about it. You can see it secretly.

How hackers hack WhatsApp?

Any hacker or intruder can hack WhatsApp using any method of Spying. May it be using any kind of highly recommended spyware app though it cost a lot and take time. They have to spend both money and time to do this. Apps like flexyspy, mSpy, spying provide features of Spying WhatsApp. In another way sending any kind of link they will try to hack WhatsApp. If you click once to the link they get access to your WhatsApp account. So you have to be very careful about it.

Can I file a case if someone has hacked my WhatsApp?

Yes, though WhatsApp data privacy is a crime. You can file a criminal complaint against the hacker if you catch them out. No one has any legal right to see or read your conversation and media.

What should I do and where to lodge a complaint if someone has hacked my WhatsApp?

There are many cyber cells in India. Any victim whose WhatsApp has been hacked can lodge a complaint against the hacker about cybercrime. The victim has to write an application where the name, address, email address, phone number which has to be filed is required. The person has to submit some documents to the head of the cyber cell. The person has to give information about the suspected person as much as possible so that it gets easy to take legal action fast against the hacker.

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