A cloud-based messenger app with seamless sync named as TELEGRAM, telegram iOS was launched on August 14, 2013, and for Android, it was officially launched on October 20, 2013. Telegram is an amazing app which allows us to share numbers of photos, videos and files that is of up to 1.5GB each. It provides us an exalted and highly desired opportunity to create groups and channels through which one can share files.

And this way, they provide us one more momentous and needful thing, i.e. Downloading movies and
web series for completely free of cost. Yes, it is a great source of downloading streaming movies from
the telegram app. Though we all know that movies entertain us and it is one of the most desired
entertainment all over the globe. But many of us can not afford to watch all the movies in the theatre,
so we mostly prefer to watch them for free and sitting at home.

Telegram channel admins upload the movies in their channels through which we can download the movies. One can download any movie from telegram by just searching its name. There will be plenty of channels that offer the download of the movie you are searching for. One can download movies of any kind like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc. May it be old or newly released, newly streaming of any genre other than the one which is banned to telegram channels. Downloading a movie from a telegram channel is much easier than the other way.


If you want to download movies on telegram, a step-by-step guide is as follows, here we go:

Step 1: The telegram app must be downloaded and installed there on your device, may it be android, iPhone or computer. First, you have to open the app.

Step 2: Next, all you have to do is to click on the search icon that is on the top right of the telegram.

Step 3: then, search your desired movie just by its name or searching the best movies channels from the internet.
Step 4: After searching for channels, there you will have to search again for your desired movie in the
movie channel.

Step 5: To start downloading, you have to tap on the download button. Once it is downloaded, you can save the downloaded movie in your device storage but on the iPhone or iPad, you are not able to do so. You have to watch it in the app for iPhone and iPad.

I have mentioned above all the important information regarding downloading movies for free on
the telegram app. I have tried to explain it in the simplest way.


1. How to get telegram movies’ channel link in Google?

The best telegram movie channels in Google for free watching or downloading. Here is a well-prepared list of telegram movie channels. Check them out for movies, web series, and movie series.

1. Hollywood Netflix movies HD
2. YIFY movies
3. Marvel movies
4. Cinema company official
5. Netflix official
6. South Indian movies Hindi HD
7. Tamil movies
8. Horror movie zone

2. Is it wrong to forward movies from other channel to mine, in telegram?

No, it is not wrong to forward movies from other channels to yours in telegram. You can download it and then forward it to your own channel.

3. Like telegram can one have access to movies in signal?

No, the signal app doesn’t provide us to download movies from it. Though It is an end to end encrypted messaging apps like telegram.

4. Biggest file movie channels on telegram?

• Faibersgate:
Members: 1.5 lakhs above
Posting frequency: 10-12 movies per day
• Cinemahub,
Members: 73k
Posting frequency : 3-4 movies per day
• Ricky channel
Members: 37k
• Movie club
Members: 30k
• Download movie
Members, 33

5. Is it alright to download movies from telegram?

Owing to easy accessibility and a feature that allows sharing of large files,
telegram has become the new hub to access movies, web series and TV shows
but it is totally illegal. They give us opportunity of downloading the quality
that we prefer and we can find movie link easily.

However it is based on piracy content so it is not legal but yes it is safe for us
whoever downloads it from any channel. There is no problem at all in
downloading movies on telegram. The one who downloads is not responsible
for that content but the owner of the channel is. We can download movies
without using any VPN.

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